Governor Announces 2014 Virginia Energy Plan
October 1st, 2014

Governor McAuliffe releases the 2014 Virginia Energy Plan to provide a strategic vision for energy policy in the Commonwealth. The Governor’s Energy Plan is consistent with the principles outlined in Blueprint Virginia.

On October 1st, Governor McAuliffe released the 2014 Virginia Energy Plan. The plan focuses on four themes:

•          Growing untapped areas of the energy sector, including wind and solar generation, biofuels, offshore energy development and nuclear technology

•          Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering energy consumption in the public and private sectors

•          Investing in energy infrastructure to provide statewide access to low-cost power and promote economic development

•          Preparing the state’s workers to fill shortfalls in the energy sector due to an aging workforce

Also, according to statutory language added during the 2014 General Assembly session, the report includes analysis of the proposed rules recently promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency related to the regulation of carbon emissions at existing fossil fuel power generating stations. To view the full 2014 Virginia Energy Plan, click here.