Name & Title
Barry DuVal
President & CEO
(804) 237-1460
Keith Martin
Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Government Relations
General Counsel
Executive Director of the Virginia Chamber Foundation
(804) 237-1456
Cyndi Miracle
Senior Vice President of Programs for the Virginia Chamber Foundation
(804) 237-1466
Joyce Moore
Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration
(804) 237-1462
Karen Surmacewicz
Senior Vice President of Membership Management & Investor Engagement
(804) 237-1452
Lindsay Borge
Senior Vice President of Events
Secretary to the Board
(804) 237-1453
Kelly D. Spraker
Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Programs
Kristin Burhop
Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Legislative Affairs
Eleana Legree
Vice President of Investor Relations and Membership Engagement
(804) 237-1464
Emily Webb
Vice President of Education & Workforce Development
(804) 237-1455
Eric Kelly
Director of Finance and Administration
(804) 644-1609
Rose Dare
Director of Membership and Database Operations
(804) 237-1451
Hannah Emerson
Director of Events, Communications, & Media Relations
(804) 237-1461
Eleni Poulos
Manager of Public Policy and VA Chamber PAC
Associate General Counsel
(804) 644-1608
Lisha Reynolds
Program & Events Manager for the Virginia Chamber Foundation
(804) 237-1457
Donna Hale
Operations & Human Resources Manager
(804) 237-1467
Ethan Betterton
Manager of Public Policy
(804) 237-1450
Julie “Jule” Gassaway
Manager of Events and Communications
(804) 237-1469
Maryann Crowder
Board Relations Consultant & Local Chamber Liaison
(804) 837-7773
Elise Weisenberger
Coordinator of Public Policy, Communications, and Operations
Kenn Penn
Consultant, Affinity Benefits
(757) 625-6341