Workforce and Education Center

The Workforce and Education Center will develop policy and implement programming to ensure access and equitable pathways to education and workforce development opportunities for all Virginians leading to a well-trained, adaptive workforce for the Commonwealth.


The Workforce and Education Center will build meaningful partnerships to better connect and support the business and education communities in developing a robust education-workforce system that establishes Virginia as the best state for talent.

Current Initiatives & Programming 





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K-12 Innovation Challenges

Future Initiatives & Programming 
  • Expansion of Apprenticeships to Close Workforce Gaps
  • Exploration of Fair Chance Hiring Programming to Support Employers
  • Encourage Career Exposure and Exploration for K-12 Students of High Growth, In-demand Industries
  • Build Connections for Employers to Ensure a More Inclusive Workforce

For more information on the Workforce and Education Center, please contact Emily Webb, Vice President of Education and Workforce, at