Governor’s Veto Makes Compliance with Clean Power Plan Less Transparent and Accountable
March 2nd, 2016

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Paul Logan

RICHMOND – Virginia Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President of Corporate and Government Affairs Ryan Dunn issued the following statement after Governor McAuliffe vetoed Senate Bill 21, which would require General Assembly approval of a plan to comply with the federal Clean Power Plan:

“We are disappointed that Governor McAuliffe vetoed legislation that would have made the process for complying with the Clean Power Plan more transparent and accountable. The Clean Power Plan would grant unprecedented authority to EPA in dictating the energy policy of the states. The Supreme Court has issued a stay on implementation in response to a suit challenging EPA’s authority. The impact and effects of the Clean Power Plan will be felt by all Virginians and this sweeping policy change should be approved by their elected representatives in the General Assembly. That process would ensure that key economic impact questions would be answered and it would give rate payers a voice. The passage of this bill would also have allowed Virginia to receive an extension on implementation. EPA provides for an extension for a myriad of reasons, including one clearly defined reason as approval by a state’s legislature.”

Last week, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce joined 166 state and local business associations from 40 different states in an amicus brief filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit explaining the harmful economic impact posed by the EPA’s carbon regulations. The lawsuit, which will be considered by a federal appeals court this summer, involves EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” rules, which aim to reconfigure state electricity systems. It is expected to be a landmark case that could shape Virginia’s energy and economic future. The full amicus brief is available at

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