2020 Special Session Legislative Priorities
August 21st, 2020
      Barry DuVal

As the General Assembly Special Session is quickly approaching, I want to share with you the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s legislative agenda.

Below you will find copies of the Virginia Chamber’s recommendations for policymakers from our Blueprint for Getting Virginia Back to Work plan and Equality of Opportunity agenda. These legislative priorities were sent to members of the General Assembly last week.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce surveyed thousands of businesses in the Commonwealth during April and May of this year regarding the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their businesses. The survey showed that the top concern of the business community is keeping the workforce and customers safe.

This survey informed the targeted policy recommendations that the business community has for legislators regarding COVID-19 relief and recovery. These recommendations were incorporated into the Blueprint for Getting Virginians Back to Work plan. For more information on the survey and the Virginia Chamber’s Blueprint for Getting Virginians Back to Work plan, please visit www.GetVABacktoWork.com.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce is committed to participating in the development of key actions that will foster inclusion, social justice, and support initiatives that will lead to greater equity of opportunity. I recognize the pain current and past tragedies have brought and am committed to engaging with policymakers, community leaders, and other voices to confront racism and support necessary criminal justice reform.

Our Commonwealth’s well-being is dependent on the equity of opportunity in our educational system, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, homeownership, and a fair criminal justice system. Diversity and inclusion in our workplace and economy strengthens our state and nation. The Equality of Opportunity agenda reflects key tenets of the Virginia Chamber’s foundational document, Blueprint Virginia 2025, which calls for vital improvements in workforce and education to advance positive change in these areas and further build a strong foundation for our citizens.

It is my hope that members of the General Assembly will take these policy recommendation under serious consideration as they return to Richmond for the 2020 Special Session tomorrow. I encourage all members of the business community to reach out to your representatives in the Virginia General Assembly and ask for their support of these recommendations.

The Virginia Chamber will work diligently to advocate for a business friendly climate and keep the business community updated on the special session activities as they unfold.