Virginia ranks high in internet-speed survey
August 19th, 2019

Virginia ranks fifth nationally in average internet speed, according to a recent survey. ranked the states using data from more than a million speed tests completed by consumers on its website.

Virginia’s average internet speed was 55.98 megabits per second (Mbps).

States ranking ahead of Virginia were:

Maryland — 65.02 Mbps
New Jersey — 59.58 Mbps
Delaware — 59.08 Mbps
Rhode Island — 56.77 Mbps

HighSpeedInternet said the national average in its survey was 42.42 Mbps.

The five states with the slowest average internet speeds were:

Alaska — 17.03 Mbps
Mississippi — 24.77 Mbps
Idaho — 25.30 Mbps
Montana — 25.70 Mbps
Maine — 26.05 Mbps