Virginia Chamber Releases Statement in Support of the Proposed Constitutional Amendments on the 2020 General Election Ballot in the Commonwealth
October 2nd, 2020

Media Contact

Nicole Bunce

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce announced its support for the two proposed Constitutional Amendments reflected on the 2020 General Election Ballot in the Commonwealth. Following this announcement, Barry DuVal, President & CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce released the following statement:

“On the 2020 General Election Ballot, Virginians will have the opportunity to support proposed Constitutional Amendments that will bring greater transparency to the redistricting process and provide additional support to members of our veteran community.

“Proposed Constitutional Amendment # 1 provides our citizens with a once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure greater objectivity in the design of the congressional and state legislative districts in the Commonwealth. The establishment of a redistricting commission will provide greater transparency, impartiality, and allow private citizens to have a stronger voice in a process long considered to be too partisan.

“Proposed Constitutional Amendment # 2 will build on Virginia’s reputation as one of the best states in the nation to provide employment, education, and other opportunities for military families and veterans. By supporting this amendment to provide a tax exemption for 100% permanent service-related disabled veterans of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard, we are honoring our commitment to support initiatives that will ensure Virginia remains the best place for our veterans and their families to call home.

“The Virginia Chamber of Commerce urges citizens of the Commonwealth to carefully review the proposed amendments and register to vote by October 13.”




About the Virginia Chamber of Commerce

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce is the largest business advocacy organization in the Commonwealth, with more than 26,000 members. The Chamber is a non-partisan, business advocacy organization that works in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas to act as the catalyst for positive change in all areas of economic development and competitiveness for Virginia. In December 2017, the Chamber released an update to its long-term strategic economic development plan, Blueprint Virginia 2025, which engaged over 6,000 business and community leaders to lay out a plan to getting Virginia back to the top of national business climate rankings. In the fall of 2020, the Virginia Chamber will begin to cultivate policy recommendations and foster key discussions for the next update, Blueprint Virginia 2030. Learn more at

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with local and regional chambers throughout the Commonwealth, recently launched the 2020 Election Center, a nonpartisan, issue education and election information website to provide information to Virginia voters, to help them play a more active and informed role in government and the electoral process.