Virginia Chamber Releases Statement on the Approval of Constitutional Amendments 1 & 2
November 4th, 2020

Media Contact

Nicole Bunce

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the unofficial election results, provided by the Virginia Department of Elections, have reported that millions of citizens around the Commonwealth have voted to approve the proposed Constitutional Amendments included on the Virginia 2020 General Election Ballot. Following this announcement, Barry DuVal, President & CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce released the following statement:

“While the results for the 2020 General Election continue to come in throughout the nation, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see that Virginia’s citizens have overwhelmingly voted in support of the proposed Constitutional Amendments to bring greater transparency to the redistricting process and provide additional support to members of our veteran community.

“Receiving wide-spread bipartisan support, the creation of a redistricting commission will lay the foundation for a more transparent and equitable process to determine the congressional and state legislative districts in the Commonwealth. We look forward to seeing this commission develop and allow private citizens to have a stronger voice in a process long considered to be too partisan.

“The Virginia Chamber also looks forward to working with our partners across the Commonwealth to ensure our veteran community is made aware of this new tax exemption for 100% permanent service-related disabled veterans of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard. The approval of this amendment is another significant step forward to ensuring Virginia remains the best place for our veterans and their families to call home.”