A small business owner’s FAQ guide to offering health benefits
August 31st, 2021

To a small business owner, navigating the must-have’s and the nice-to-have’s of health benefits can seem daunting. Are you required to offer health care to your staff? How much will that cost you? Do the benefits of employee-sponsored health coverage outweigh the costs?

While the circumstances and specific requirements may differ from business to business, at Kaiser Permanente we know that health coverage isn’t just a benefit to the employee, but also to the business owner. Because healthier employees lead to a healthier bottom line.

In a recent article in partnership with The Washington Business Journal, we explored some basic questions that your clients and prospects might be asking about health coverage requirements. Share with them so that they can better understand topics like the following:

  • Which businesses are required to offer health benefits to their employees, and which aren’t.
  • How much small businesses are required to contribute to the cost of an employee’s health plan.
  • How to determine if they qualify for the Small Business Health Tax credit.