Energy Saving Tips From Virginia Energy Sense
October 27th, 2022


Every fall, the onset of cold weather can result in higher energy bills for Virginia businesses, but taking a few easy steps can help offset these costs.

Virginia Energy Sense (VES) is a statewide consumer education and outreach program that helps businesses, institutions, and households across the commonwealth increase their energy efficiency and save money. VES also partners with organizations across Virginia to spread the word about the program’s resources.

Here are some simple tips that businesses can use to lower their bills and conserve energy in stores, offices, and other buildings:

  1. Make sure areas in front of vents are clear of obstructions such as furniture, paper, and boxes. Blocked vents can increase your energy usage by up to 25% as your heating and air conditioning system works harder to move air throughout the office.
  2. Close the blinds at the end of the day. As the weather gets cooler, closing the window blinds or shades at night reduces heat loss by keeping warm air inside and minimizing the chill from cold windows. During the day, open window coverings and use the sunlight to warm your office.
  3. Turn off the lights in common areas when they’re not in use. These areas include copy rooms, break rooms, and conference rooms.

VES relies on partner organizations in its mission to educate Virginians on the financial and environmental benefits associated with saving energy. Each partnership is customized to suit the partner’s needs and interests.

If your organization is interested in promoting energy conservation, consider partnering with VES to co-host virtual events, pursue local media opportunities, create and share social media content, and more. Becoming a partner does not require any financial commitment.

To explore what a mutually beneficial partnership would look like for your business or local chamber of commerce, email Ford Carson, communications specialist at the State Corporation Commission, at