Boys Home Receives Donation from Mountain View Elementary School
February 14th, 2023


Boys Home students pose with Library Media Teacher Darilyn McGraw from Mountain View Elementary School



Boys Home has received over 3,000 books, games, posters and educational resources from Mountain View Elementary School. At the beginning of each school year, teachers sort through materials from the previous year. Items they are not using often get stored in the school’s library. Library Media Teacher Darilyn McGraw wanted to make sure the items were used to benefit other children. The school already had a connection to Boys Home through Mr. Howard Nicely, the school’s gym teacher. His wife, Renada Nicely, is a driving instructor at Boys Home.

Darilyn stated, “The principals and I discussed ways to save the books and other items from being put in storage or discarded. What better way to reutilize the books and items than by giving them to another school in our community? I am delighted that our donation will help more students be successful!” Boys Home is grateful for the donation and looks forward to finding a use for the items with the students we serve daily. Mountain View Elementary School matches the vision of Boys Home, and that is to be a community that positively impacts those around them. Thank you, Mountain View Elementary School, for your kindness to the students at Boys Home of Virginia.

Boys Home of Virginia, founded in 1906, provides a healthy and supportive environment for young men whose lives have been negatively impacted by poverty or family instability.  Students are provided food, clothing, shelter, and guidance in a manner that supports the successful transition to adulthood along with educational and career opportunities.  Boys Home, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, is almost entirely privately funded by individuals, organizations, churches, and foundations.


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