May 2nd, 2023

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65% of U.S. Voters say Virginia should be selected as the location for the new FBI headquarters

pointing to national security and FBI’s mission as top criteria


SPRINGFIELD, VA – Today, the Virginia Chamber Foundation released the results of a national, bipartisan survey showing that Americans believe Virginia should be the home of the new FBI headquarters with national security and the agency’s mission being the top criteria for selecting a location.

The survey evaluating public opinion on the site selection criteria for the new FBI headquarters established by the GSA was conducted by Republican polling firm, Public Opinion Strategies (POS), who conducts national surveys for NBC and CNBC and Democratic research firm, David Binder Research (DBR), who served as researchers for former President Barack Obama’s White House and both of his presidential campaigns.

Key findings:

  1. 65 percent of U.S. voters say Virginia should be selected as the location for the new FBI headquarters after hearing arguments for both states.  35% said Maryland should be selected.
    1. Virginia was also the preferred site among Black (58%) and Hispanic (62%) voters.
    2. The main reasons voters picked Virginia were proximity to other FBI assets and security agencies and because the land is already owned by the federal government.
  1. Voters say FBI’s mission/national security (42%) should be the most important criteria for evaluating where to locate the new FBI headquarters. The second most important criteria is cost (30%).
  1. 7 out of 10 Black and Hispanic voters viewed all sites for Virginia and Maryland equally in advancing equity and providing economic opportunity to underserved communities by a majority of voters across demographic groups.

“The Commonwealth’s talented workforce, infrastructure, public school systems and nationally ranked colleges and universities make it an ideal location for the new FBI headquarters,” said Virginia Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Barry DuVal. “The FBI will greatly benefit from the direct access to Virginia’s highly skilled graduates and the opportunity to partner with our schools to continue training the future workforce of Virginia.”

“The results of the survey are clear: across demographic groups and ideological lines, the FBI’s mission and cost are ranked as the most important criteria by respondents to the poll,” said Public Opinion Strategies partner Bill McInturff. “Voters find Virginia having strong arguments on these components of the FBI and GSA’s search criteria.”

“By a wide, comfortable margin, after hearing arguments for both states, respondents chose Virginia as the best location for a new FBI headquarters,” added David Binder Research partner Will Gudelunas. “Importantly, a large majority of respondents said that both locations, Virginia and Maryland, meet the equity requirements of the GSA’s search criteria. This was across demographic and ideological groups.”

“The Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce strongly supports Springfield, VA, as the selected site for FBI Headquarters. Locating the headquarters in Springfield will advance regional collaborations that promote economic prosperity across a diverse community and will have a significant positive impact on black-owned businesses in Northern Virginia,” said Board Chair, Samuel Wiggins. “The Virginia site will provide new jobs, cultural experiences, and economic opportunities within the region. The criteria used clearly demonstrates that Virginia is the best location for the new FBI Headquarters.”

“At the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we are thrilled about the potential impact of locating the FBI headquarters in Springfield, VA. This decision would be a significant step towards advancing economic prosperity, creating new jobs, and supporting the cultural and economic opportunities within our diverse community,” said CEO & Founder, Michel Zajur “We are eagerly looking forward to the positive impact that this decision would bring to the region. Moreover, we are confident that the criteria being used to decide the location of the new FBI headquarters clearly shows that Virginia is the best choice.”

“Springfield, VA, is unquestionably the best headquarters location site for the FBI. As the nation continues to deal with evolving threats, the shift from being a law enforcement-focused agency with some national security responsibilities, to today being a modern, full intelligence agency that’s national security-focused has been more pronounced than ever at the FBI. From a national security perspective, the Springfield, VA location is unquestionably the best,” said My Lan Tran Executive Director, Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce.

“Together with the national security concern criteria, the Commonwealth clearly gives the FBI direct access to the majority of the nation’s intelligence workforce and cybersecurity graduates coming from Virginia’s top-notch public universities. Locating the FBI headquarters in Springfield will further advance regional collaboration and create economic prosperity across a diverse community,” Tran stated. “The Virginia site will provide a significant economic boost and opportunity for new jobs in the racially and economically diverse community. This in turn will support even greater existing cultural and economic developments within the Springfield community. Overall, the criteria currently being used to decide the location clearly shows Virginia is the best location for the new headquarters.”




Public Opinion Strategies/David Binder Research National Survey Methodology:

The poll was conducted between April 6-13, 2023, among a sample of 1,004 registered U.S. voters. Oversamples to reach at least 200 African American/Black Voters (N=218) and of Hispanic/Latino Voters (N=213). Pulled public arguments from advocates in support of selecting Maryland or Virginia on why their state should be chosen for the new FBI headquarters.


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