Girls2Women-Virginia Sees Huge Growth during past 5 years
February 6th, 2024

Girls2Women-Virginia is a nonprofit group mentoring organization based in
Richmond Virginia that supports middle and high school aged girls through school
and community based circles designed to build self esteem, provide safe spaces,
and offer social/emotional support.

Established in 2018, G2W-VA has grown from 5 circles and 25 girls to 14 circles
and over 115 girls during the 2023-24 school year. G2W-VA is a volunteer led
organization with primary support from board members and mentors. Mentors
are provided extensive training to prepare them for circles.

Circles meet weekly during the school year and consist of up to 10 girls and 2
mentors. In circles, girls work to build strong connections with themselves, the
mentors and others. Our goal is to provide tools the girls can use as they make
their way into the world as their authentic selves including a rites of passage
option for girls interested in learning leadership skills. G2W-VA also offers
summer enrichment opportunities such as rock climbing and white water rafting
that allows the girls to learn about themselves and offers team building and
leadership opportunities.

As the sister organization of Boy To Men Mentoring Network of Virginia, G2W-VA
is in multiple middle schools in Chesterfield, Prince George, Colonial Heights,
Hopewell, and Goochland.

G2W-VA has many opportunities available for you to lend your support in the
areas of mentors, fundraising, sponsorship, and community collaborations. For
more details please contact the email address below.
812 W 44 Street
Richmond, VA 23225