Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Executive Committee

Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Executive Committee

The Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Executive Committee provides thought leadership and advises policy research to advance corporate sustainability initiatives that promote long term economic success.

Executive Committee Areas of Focus

The Executive Committee is working to implement the sustainability and environmental policies and initiatives outlined in the Virginia Chamber’s strategic plan, Blueprint Virginia 2030.  The four areas of focus identified within the document offer a pathway to protecting Virginia’s natural resources while at the same time using them in a thoughtful way to enable economic growth. Representing the objectives and goals of the Corporate Sustainability and Environment Executive Committee, the four areas of focus broadly stated include:

Embracing Sustainable Business Practices

  • Encourage continued adoption of, and incentives for, sustainable business practices as a method of reducing corporate costs, attracting a strong workforce, and protecting natural resources
  • Ensure a predictable and transparent permitting process to attract innovative companies to expand and relocate to Virginia

Supporting Energy Diversity

  • Promote innovative energy models and partnerships between businesses, utilities, developers, and the government to improve efficiency, reliability, and security of energy resources
  • Encourage the continued development of a statewide energy portfolio that leverages traditional and alternative sources of energy that strikes a balance between environmental conservation and economic development
Conserving Our Natural Resources

  • Support the continued preservation and enhancement of Virginia’s natural resources through best practices (e.g., water quality, bay health, land use, recycling)
  • Support the continued development of public and private outdoor recreational opportunities for the benefit of Virginians and our economy (e.g., improved public health and wellness, strengthened neighborhoods, ecotourism)
Promoting Corporate Citizenship Through Community Engagement

  • Encourage the development of educational training programs and curriculum that promotes sustainable business practices through innovative ideas and research
  • Elevate the efforts of sustainable business models and highlight its role to younger generations and communities throughout Virginia

Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Executive Committee – Corporate Members


Chris Davidson,
Vice President, Sustainability
WestRock Company

Mike Miller,
Senior Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety, Sustainability and Risk Management
Advance Auto Parts

For information on how to participate and engage with the Executive Committee, please contact Eleana Legree, Vice President of Investor Relations and Membership Engagement, at