Innovation and Technology Executive Committee

Innovation and Technology
Executive Committee

The Innovation and Technology Executive Committee provides thought leadership and advises policy research aimed at strengthening Virginia’s technology and innovation ecosystem. Representing a diverse coalition of Virginia’s leading businesses, the Executive Committee is working collaboratively to advance Virginia’s reputation as a global technology center and a destination for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Executive Committee Areas of Focus

The Executive Committee is working to implement the policies and initiatives outlined in the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship chapter of the Virginia Chamber’s strategic plan, Blueprint Virginia 2030. The five areas of focus identified within the document detail specific policy recommendations aimed at strengthening Virginia’s technology industry. Representing the objectives and goals of the Innovation and Technology Executive Committee, the five areas of focus broadly stated include:

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Strengthening Virginia’s Technology and Innovation Ecosystem

• Expand targeted incentives and tax policies that drive research, innovation, and new company formation to ensure our statewide technology ecosystem is promoted and well resourced
 Generate effective dialogue between the private sector and government officials to guide Virginia’s regulatory climate with respect to innovative and transformative technologies

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• Promote policies that help Virginia create a culture of entrepreneurship (e.g., the creation of regional investment funds or business and sector-specific incubators)

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Commercialization of Research and Technology

• Capitalize on robust partnerships between the private sector, government, and higher education institutions to commercialize research and intellectual property

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Connecting Virginians and Businesses to Broadband

• Increase broadband deployment in unserved areas through new technologies and strategies, public-private partnerships, and streamlined regulatory processes

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Cultivating the Talent Supply Chain

• Identify and develop skills that are critical to high demand technology sectors and support strategic technology outreach initiatives
 Support the expansion of current postsecondary training pipelines for in-demand technology-based careers


Innovation and Technology Executive Committee – Corporate Members


Lindsay Winter,
Head of Virginia Public Policy

Charlene Hughes Mowery
Senior Director – Strategic Programs
Microsoft Federal

For information on how to participate and engage with the Executive Committee, please contact Eleana Legree, Vice President of Investor Relations and Membership Engagement, at