Military and Veterans Affairs Executive Committee

The Military and Veterans Affairs Executive Committee provides thought leadership on how Virginia can protect and secure its current military assets while ensuring our veterans can access civilian careers upon the completion of their service.

Virginia is deeply committed to taking care of service members and their families, and providing a high quality of life for them not only while they serve but as they transition to civilian life. Virginia has the fastest-growing veteran population in the nation, where one in 10 Virginians is a veteran. An important part of caring for our veterans includes preparing and connecting them to careers after military service. Our veteran community also represents an invaluable resource for employers that need highly qualified talent to increase profitability and productivity.


To create economic opportunity for our military community and grow Virginia’s workforce by ensuring our veterans and their families can access education and training programs and career opportunities with Virginia businesses.


To maintain Virginia’s position as the number one state for our military community by fostering collaboration among the business community, military leadership, and government organizations and strengthening our collective efforts to empower veterans and their spouses.

Executive Committee Areas of Focus:

The Military and Veterans Affairs Executive Committee led the Chamber’s development of Blueprint Virginia 2030 policy recommendations to ensure Virginia is the best state in the nation for our military families.  The Chamber developed Blueprint Virginia 2030 by bringing together leaders in business, military affairs, economic development, workforce, education, housing, and other community representatives to ensure statewide representation of priorities for Virginia’s economic prosperity.



Sultan Camp,
Director, Hampton Roads Veterans Employment Center (HRVEC)

Chris Doss,
Senior Director of Operations, US Card, Enterprise Specialty Servicing,
Capital One

Military and Veterans Affairs Executive Committee Members


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For information on how to participate and engage with the Executive Committee, please contact Eleana Legree, Vice President of Investor Relations and Membership Engagement, at