Workforce and Education Executive Committee

Workforce and Education Executive Committee

The Workforce and Education Executive Committee provides thought leadership and advises policy research to implement innovative workforce and education goals that position Virginia as the top state for talent.

Executive Committee Areas of Focus

The Executive Committee is working to implement the workforce and education policies and initiatives outlined in the Virginia Chamber’s strategic plan, Blueprint Virginia 2030.  The four areas of focus identified within the document offer a pathway to setting Virginia up as the top state for talent while closing the digital education divide and ensuring both students and teachers have what they need to flourish in the modern workspace. Representing the objectives and goals of the Workforce and Education Executive Committee, the four areas of focus broadly stated include:

Strengthening Virginia’s Education and Workforce Programs

  • Build significant partnerships between the business community, K-12 schools, and higher education to support meaningful collaboration on curriculum development and validation
  • Enhance work-based learning opportunities, internships, and apprenticeships throughout the education system
  • Continue efforts to recognize, accredit, and expand access to credentialing and “earn and learn” programs as alternative career pathways 

System Improvements Across the Pipeline

  • Support opportunities for students to leverage and earn college credit by improving Virginia’s dual-enrollment system
  • Continue to improve college and university affordability and access
  • Work with state policy makers and the Virginia Department of Education to address the critical teacher shortage crisis in Virginia 
Promoting Equality of Opportunity

  • Close the digital education divide and ensure that students and teachers have access and exposure to the technologies needed to flourish in the modern workplace, including access to broadband
  • Expand talent pipeline programs to undeserved communities and improve minority work-based learning through internship and apprenticeships 
Building Virginia’s Workforce Strategy

  • Partner with the Virginia Board of Workforce Development to establish a cohesive statewide workforce strategy
  • Support the development of strategic workforce priorities for investment from the Governor’s Workforce Discretionary Fund and explore additional Federal and State resources to fund Virginia’s workforce programming
  • Support private sector initiatives and private educational institutions in meeting Virginia’s workforce development and training needs 

Workforce and Education Executive Committee – Corporate Members


Tina Pfalzgraf
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
The Branch Group


For information on how to participate and engage with the Executive Committee, please contact Eleana Legree, Vice President of Investor Relations and Membership Engagement, at